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How I can help and why hire me?

Well, for starters you may not have time, resources, in terms of travelling, or feel you do not possess ample historical knowledge to undertake independent research. 


You may have reached a brick wall in your research and are stuck!  If so, I can help you overcome these problems.


I won’t just prepare a family tree with names and dates.  With my historical social knowledge, I can ‘fill in the gaps’ – for example, did your ancestor spend time in the workhouse, did anyone have a military career or sadly lose their life in the First World War?  By looking at a wide range of historical sources and evidence I can build up a personal fact file on each ancestor.


This is your family tree! I can tailor my research to your needs.  You may wish to merely know more about your ancestors along your father’s or mother’s sides or want to find out what your grandfather ‘did in the War’.


I will help you decide at the outset what to look for but don’t worry if you have nothing or have no older relatives to talk to!


You may come across an old family tree that was prepared many years ago – do you need some help verifying the information or have you discovered an online family tree which may or may not be correct?

I also offer an affordable hourly charge or a set fee for a research package. 



Beginning your family history

Working initially with the information you can provide and your individual profile we will prepare an ancestral chart & summary of information based on either your paternal (father) or maternal (mother) parentage back to 1837 (the date of Civil Registration in England and Wales), thereby providing you with information relating to at least four or five generations.                                                         

Ernest and Isaac 1911.jpg

My family stories

Looking at historical sources, such as school records, parish, workhouse, criminal and military records in more detail, we will provide a full ancestral chart and report on your ancestors back to 1837, examining siblings and their children. This package is ideal if you are looking to find out more about the role your ancestors played in society, offering you a glimpse into what life was like in the past and how this shaped the lives of your ancestors.                                                         


Looking for a particular record?

You may be looking for a historical document which is not available digitally or which is held in a repository outside your home county? This search may also include a monumental or grave inscription within a particular churchyard or municipal cemetery. If so, let me obtain this for you especially if within Cheshire, Shropshire, Wirral or Wales?  I am located centrally in Wales and can access, for example the National Library in Wales, Aberystwyth or Wales’ numerous county record offices.  A full report and discussion of the results will be produced.                             

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