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Research and Preserve

About Me

I'm Heather Butler and at Research and Preserve I am passionate about historical and family research. Having studied and taught history, archaeology and family history for many years in Cheshire, I have the expertise to undertake genealogical, family and historical research. I have worked with clients in the United Kingdom on a range of projects, from uncovering family histories, community archaeological excavations to researching historical events and locations.



I hold a BA in History and Archaeology from the University of Chester together with an MA certificate in Past Landscapes and Environments.  I have teaching qualifications for the lifelong learning sector and am currently pursuing the Intermediate Certificate in Genealogical Research with Pharos tutors. Please see my 'publications' page for my published work.   I have also presented at conferences and historical societies.


I have an extensive genealogical and historical knowledge together with wide ranging research skills obtained through my University education and teaching in the lifelong learning sector since 2007.  My family ancestors hail from the Isle of Man, Wales, Britain and Ireland and southern England and I have researched the surnames, Jones, Butler, Carran, Herbert, Youd, Mills, Sharpe, Aldsworth and Hockenhull (amongst others)!

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